My Story

I earned my bachelor's degree in Economics at the University of Washington in 1991, after which I studied clinical social work at Columbia University, New York. Prior to earning my Master's in Social Work at the University of Washington in 2013, I spent years either working or volunteering with underserved communities both abroad and at home. Throughout my experience, I have been inspired by others who have persevered through suffering, through struggles both internal and environmental. What factors contribute to resilience--and more so, to contentment and emotional well-being? 

My focus grew on the bio-psychosocial influences on mental health. Integrated Health/Mental Health became my concentration in graduate school. I have since worked as a professional mental health therapist in both outpatient and inpatient psychiatric settings, from working with individuals experiencing stressful life transitions to those managing severe chronic mental illness. This background has provided a strong foundation to my private practice. In addition to my practice, I also work as a clinical social worker in a medical hospital setting, providing support to patients and families dealing with physical illness.

My career has been most rewarding, and I continue to grow and learn from my clients as I hope they do from me.